Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Digital TV in Chongqing three months free premium channels

Digital TV at the end of concessions the city issued yesterday, the most seductive is the new and old users can watch free premium channels for three months.

Currently, the city a total of more than 100 digital television channels, of which 20 yuan basic subscription includes the channel number 68, the other for the payment program. Current policy, the new conversion premium channels for free to watch a month, one month after the application is not open will automatically close.

Four new measures this week also introduced, on each digital TV, old and new customers a complimentary 34 premium channels for 3 months.

In addition, from January 1, 2007 to March 31 period, pay the full year 2007, basic cable digital TV viewing and maintenance costs of the user, will be presented a learning remote control. Learning remote control includes a TV remote control and set-top box remote control functionality, eliminating the need for users to watch digital TV, use two remote control turns the trouble; while this period, the payment of the year 2007, basic cable analog TV viewing and maintenance costs Users will also have a small gift.

Also yesterday to the city's first digital cable TV model village, jump in Dadukou District Dengzhenshan Arch Village and the birth of Shatuo village, marking the city by the city to begin digital TV conversion extended to the rural areas.

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