Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3G market to look forward to

Monday broader market started Shenfutiaozheng by the close index closed at 1863 points, down 19.58 points, turnover was 28.4 billion, compared atrophy. The tape market outlook, we believe that the general trend still bullish. Since 2006, China issued new stock fund growth in the outbreak period, share of equity funds raised a record high.

9 months ago, a total of 63 starters completed the Fund, the total size of up to 238.5 billion were raised. Among them, type Kikinda 49 partial shares, the total size of up to 169.6 billion were raised, more than 2005 year-end stock funds 162 600 000 000 partial copies of the total stock size. Meanwhile, some industry sources, if there are no major macroeconomic adjustment, annual results of listed companies is expected to hit a new high since 1995, the performance of the next 1-2 years will probably continue to grow on this basis. Of course, there are many factors on the adjustment, the most important is that we feel the situation has become increasingly prominent bluff index. The major market indices such as contrast, can be found, except at Shanghai Composite Index hit a rise since 2001, adjusted high of things, both the Shenzhen Composite Index or the index of small plates to be much more vulnerable, including small and medium board index has been formed in July high point, the recent downward trend in the formation of a U-turn, while the Shenzhen Composite Index failed to break through the high point in 2004. Shanghai Composite Index for Industrial and Commercial Bank of China of which the Bank of China and other super-large capitalization stocks listed on the index increase brought the main reason for excluding these factors, the Shanghai index will be greatly reduced. Second, "small non-" the lifting of the ban, is also a negative factor. On the whole, the current market is still being run on the adjustment of city, wet storage is necessary, short-term market operations to keep up with the hot and subject matter, which may focus on 3G segment.

Search news side, we note that 2006 will be 3G in China Global Summit on November 15 to 16 at the Beijing Friendship Hotel. The summit has been considered the impact of 3G policy decision-making "wind vane" meeting, in accordance with the previous schedule, the meeting disclosed TD-SCDMA will be the latest test results. So the summit is expected to be lit the fuse 3G market.

Of course, the emergence of 3G market has its inevitable factor in the process.

3G plate with immense potential and imagination. According to conservative estimates, in our construction of a nationwide 3G mobile network, the funds needed thousands of 100 million yuan, while at the same time, if our government to Mobile, Unicom, Telecom, Netcom, Railcom five major carriers issuing 3G licenses only five operators to build network equipment purchase amount will be more than 1 trillion yuan. According to CATR expected, 3G in China put into operation within 5 years after market introduction phase, and growth stage, 3G users will reach from 198 million to 266 million, operating income accumulated 6 years 3G will reach 1 trillion yuan , 3G system equipment market will reach 590 billion yuan total, 3G terminal market will reach 400 billion yuan total.

Policies to promote the development of 3G industry there. National launch of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" suggests that according to the digital information industry, network, intelligent general trend, to develop integrated circuits, software and other core industries, focusing on cultivating the digital audio and video, a new generation of mobile communications. 3G plate is also the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan," the support key. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" proposed, should focus on cultivating a new generation of mobile communications and network equipment and other information industry group to promote universal access and application of information technology, 3G is undoubtedly the "during" the focus of our development.

In the 3G market, we can focus on two 3G dark horse. Ultrasonic Electronics (000,823) and BOCO (600 289). The former has the performance guarantee, which judging from the cash flow is expected to replace the Datang Telecom to become the leading 3G Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock contend the city of Gao Hong.

Ultrasonic Electronics (000823): potential 3G theme. Company is the exclusive domestic mobile phone PCB supporting enterprises, many domestic brands of electronic printed circuit board production by ultrasound, of course, also included in the domestic production of 3G phones, ultrasonic electronic entitled "China's highest PCB past. "

BOCO (600 289): The company continues to maintain in the mobile phone network in the field of technology and market advantage. Transmission resources in the Chinese mobile network management system in one successful tender to obtain a unified national 31 provinces and headquarters construction project; China Unicom's VoIP network management systems market share of 70%. The company's OSS in the 2G market share 60% -70% market share. In 2006 the first batch of innovative enterprises selected for the pilot (released by the Ministry of Science, etc.).

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