Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Take the last stage wholesalers

Last Stage wholesalers may not be factory seriously, but we can not be denied is the last stage wholesalers fighting vanguard of cutting-edge in the market and shoulder important responsibilities diversion of goods. If the dealer is a bridge between businesses and consumers, then the wholesaler is the pier last stage, there are agents and manufacturers, retailers and consumers under the terminal, doing the two do not live to please, play an increasingly market a link. Wine food distributors in the country, the last stage over 70% of wholesalers to the ratio, but as the backbone pathway Corps, witnessed the role of interpretation in the market, but a bit like "pants suits - not the soil is not Yang, "many have to improve their overall quality, image and market forces stop fighting.
1, workshop-style management: by the author of Chengdu, Wuhan, Kunming, Guiyang, Xi'an, the capital city of ten large-scale wholesale market survey: 90% of the wholesalers are self-final stage, less than college education 20% of the population of diverse background, of which 40% of the businessmen are from the countryside into the city. More common phenomenon is that couples a shop, plus one or two unskilled laborer. In business, reflected in the management systems is difficult, there is internal information collected, sales statistics and financial analysis rarely, under normal circumstances, are randomly management, responsibility is not clear, sometimes listening to male unskilled laborer boss, and sometimes listen to female boss! Do not have that ", though small of Hepatobiliary evil" concept is purely a family workshop-style management.

Second, passive-style marketing: Although the number of dealers has changed from the shopkeeper to the salesmen, but usually, more than 80% of the final stage wholesalers generally will not take the initiative to develop end-user, while also relying on product quality, product price competition in the market with the service attitude, but basically still in the traditional distribution model. If there is no customer visits, so they are either busy, or play cards with a few small business tea, once the market slump, the groaning sigh, blame others, usually on the sample of Chen Fang also do not pay attention, dirty, chaotic and poor is extremely serious . ,

Third, circulation of products are not familiar with: the professional knowledge and understanding, this is a common problem with many last-level wholesalers. Selling products to customers in, because of product performance, brand culture and background of a lack of understanding of manufacturers, many businesses, customers choose a good B B he said, he said, A good buy A, in front of customers, his goods are is a good class can not effectively from each of the product characteristics, performance Dengfangmianqu guide customers engaged in the wholesale of goods when not Zhunquebawo manufacturers market routes, resulting in the backlog of commodity circulation Zhou Qi extended or the Treasury.

In addition to the above, the final stage wholesalers in the market research, service and other aspects where there is unsatisfactory. Then the last stage what changes should wholesalers themselves in an invincible position in market competition does?

First, good at learning: the world is no more important than knowledge, in an increasingly competitive market, supply and demand contradiction of increased fault today, we must strive for their own dealers charge to adjust the knowledge structure, to be good at collecting market information, to grasp market opportunities.

Second, sound management: scientific management of enterprises is the core element of modern marketing, wholesalers, although the end of class little shops, many people, but also have rules, just as radius, regardless of access to goods, funds or payments for work time, should establish a sound management system, must not be free loose and undisciplined. Otherwise, it is difficult to make themselves bigger and stronger, to achieve sustainable development.


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